New Purple Cheddar

Limited Edition F1 hybrid

Like the time-tested pairing of a strong cheese and a fine wine, the Original Exodus Cheese clone and our Grand Daddy Purple F3 male compliment each other perfectly. The enhanced vigor of the offspring while still offering a wide phenotype spectrum allows for many possibilities.

In the 10 seeds tested so far I’ve smelled and tasted several tones: sweet grape, sour wine, various cheeses, skunk, sour cream, coriander, mustard, spice, incense. I’m sure there are many more. Some of the phenotypes will yield better than others however all of the examples inside of this genetic spectrum have something unique and delicious to offer.

NOTE: This strain is extremely limited! Only ONE 5-pack of New Purple Cheddar is available for sale.
This one pack is available directly from us (contact us by email)

Parents: Original Exodus Cheese cut (female) x Grand Daddy Purple F3 (male)
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks indoors, late-October to early-November outdoors
Hybridization Ratio: Most phenotypes will be Indica-dominant
Effect: Anywhere from a light indica effect to a strong hybrid effect, depending on the phenotype
Smell/Taste: A wide and nuanced flavor spectrum between cheese, grape, spices, skunk, and more
Yield: Medium to high
Environment: Indoor/outdoor

Original Exodus Cheese cut (female)
The Original Exodus Cheese is a bit of a finicky plant, she grows a bit stretchy and viney with thin bladed leaves. She does not support her own weight well nor is she resistant to spider mites. However, if you can keep her safe and supported for the full cycle she rewards you with some truly delicious, dense, and strong flowers to enjoy. You can harvest her as early as 60 days if you must, but she is well worth leaving for a full 65-70 days if you want her to mature in flavor, as she is a cheese!

GDP F3 (male)
This special male was gifted to JONZ by an old friend, who got the seeds from the original breeder that reworked this line from Ken’s Original GDP. It was difficult to obtain more detailed information but we believe this male to be an F3, or possibly an F4. According to the friend who gifted me this male, the females from this same seed stock made the best purple/grape concentrates he had ever had. This individual was maintained in our library for over two years before we finally got a chance to work with it. He went through a lot over that time and thankfully it wasn’t for nothing, although now he is unfortunately extinct.

A compact and sturdy plant, early to start dropping pollen and a particularly angular spread between the leaf blades. He adds sturdiness, hybrid vigor, indica-dominance, grape flavor, and purple-potential to these already delicious females which adorned our headstash for some time.